the taking of a photo
just for giggles and laughs
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Jumper/Dress- Mums

So, *drumroll please*
heres my baby Marley, enjoy him in all his glory

I must point out in the second photo he is gnawing on my finger, an activity he most surely enjoys.

what a doll
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Some lyrics also

These are from a singer called Lior
I've been taking a liking to his tunes lately, always so pretty-sounding.
An amazing musician from my school sung this song, and I swear she will be famous one day.

Yes, yeah we're movin' on
Looking for direction
Mmm mm we've covered much ground
Thinking back to innocence
I can no longer connect
I don' t have a heart left to throw around

Oh, and time moves on like a train
That disappears into the night sky
Yeah, I still get a sad feeling inside to see the red tail lights wave goodbye

We'll grow old together
We'll grow old together
This old love will never
This old love will never die

Well money slips into your hands
And then slips out like it was sand
And those shoes that you could never seem to fill
I've chased so much and lost my way
Maybe a face for every day
That so casually slipped me by

Oh, time moves on like a train
That disappears into the night sky
Yeah, I still get that sad feelin' inside to see the red tail lights wave goodbye



05/27/2009 03:30

aww I can't wait to meet him.
what a sweetie.
it's got blue eyes.
I think I'm in love.

06/04/2009 05:59

stellla sung that hay?
(: twas gooood

07/28/2010 17:57

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08/13/2010 23:25

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